British Teen Champs Training Day

British Teen Championships Competitive Training Day – Liverpool

British Teen Championships is primarily a fitness competition for teenagers between the ages of 12-19 years. After the comp, held in July every year, we put on a training camp event. This year we held the Competitive Teens Training Day at Peak Performance in Liverpool, with the focus being more on a day of training together with your peers and the best athletes in the UK. The teens had the opportunity to workout alongside and to be coached under the watchful eye of top quality athletes and kids coaches.

This one-day training camp had a capacity of just 20 athletes, to ensure quality coaching for all athletes in attendance. The priority of the day was learning how to compete and train to your optimal performance level. This was alongside improving the athletes’ gymnastics and lifting skills and having fun whilst working out with their peers. We had this training alongside some expert advice from our top-level athletes, coaches, mind-set, nutrition and programming experts!

The following is a brief run-through of the day, how each WOD went down and what the teens learnt throughout the day.


12:00 Sign in, meet and greet, introduction speech, dodge-ball game

12:30 WOD: Long Conditioning & Walk though park for recovery

WOD 1) Long Conditioning by Reece Mitchell

5 Rounds FAT:
60 DUs/100 Skips
15/12 Cals (under 14 yrs do 7 Cals)
12 Burpees over Rower
3 pull ups + 3 C2b + 3 Bar Muscle Ups (scale: c2b, pull up or ring row + press up)

Focus: Go Hard! Use this WOD to find your weakness – go away and work on it!

This was a tough first workout, although after the brutal Zig-Zag run for a warm up, the teens were prepared for the worst! This long conditioning WOD brought any weaknesses into the open, which we discussed as a group after, and then on an individual level about how to scale effectively.

13:15 Eat and Chill : break out groups to work on weaknesses

13:45 Mindset Talk with Limitless Coach Emma Hackett into Warrior Programming Talk with Paul. Emma and Paul teamed up to deliver a great talk to the teens. Firstly, Emma discussed motivation, and what we can be motivated by as athletes. This was supported by her “Concentration Grid” game, where the teens learnt under which situation they performed the best in. Emma then talked about the importance of self-talk and using neutral self-talk, which linked into the pairs WOD coming up, the teens practised using cue-words under the duress of a workout, to find which ones helped them the most. This was also really practical and something the teens could take away with them into their own training. Next up was Paul, who talked about programming, training SMART and values. He showed the teens how to goal set effectively, using himself as an example, and how we can use objectives and timelines to do this. Paul also linked in really well with the mindset talk as he explained the differences between the controllable vs. uncontrollable. For more information you can message both Paul and Emma through their instagram accounts: Warrior Programming and Limitless Coaching.

15:00 WOD: Double Karen in pairs

WOD 2) Pairs Double Karen by Limitless

300 Wall-balls FAT (in pairs)
Focus: Mindset, using cue words.

This was a really tough WOD, but very very useful for the teens to put what they had learnt into practice.

15:30 Hot Meal and break into Nutrition talk with Try Nutrition

16:00 Team Game: Ultimate Frisbee

17:00 Lifting tekkers WOD

3) Lifting by Warrior

Every 2 mins complete one 1 x Complex:
3 Deadlift
2 Hang Clean
1 Push Jerk
…straight into 15 Press Ups

x 6 rounds

Focus: Tekkers and working the basics (press up volume)

18:00 Rest / Snack break

18:30 WOD: Team Strongman

4) Team Strongman by Reece Mitchell

Teams of 3, various 7 min stations. 1 works: 2 rest ratio
Focus: Teamwork, communication, fun

19:00 Goal Setting and recap of what learnt today. Closing speech.


The camp was a huge success. Everyone had fun, everyone learnt something, everyone worked hard, and everyone made a new friend! We want to thank all the lovely people that made this possible. From the parents that brought the teens along, to Peak Performance letting us use their incredible space! Also Jane from Try Nutrition fitness was amazing, providing all the athletes and coaches (and some parents) with a tasty hot meal in the middle of the day!

Thank you Emma and Paul for giving up their valuable time to come and share their knowledge with the next generation! The kids soaked this knowledge up and we have already seen many of them put this into their training!

Reece Mitchell, who is hard in training for The Games next year gave up a whole day to train with these teens and share his skills and knowledge to make them better. There is not a kinder, more passionate kid out there! We wish Reece the best of luck in his journey.

Watch this space!!

BTC Team

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