England Youth Weightlifting Squad

England Youth Weightlifting Squad
The future is looking strong!

Selection for Squad

Back in March 2019, James Godden (15yrs) and Nellie Hannam (16 yrs) went to a Regional Selection Camp Training Day, where they both showed to the coaches what we’ve always known they’ve had: excellent lifting technique and an even better attitude to their training. They were both picked up for their outstanding weightlifting potential and thus selected by the GB BWL coaches to go along to the National Training Camp!

England Squad Training Camp

Both Nellie and James were driven up to Loughborough by the very dedicated mum Emma Godden, who seems to be driving all over the country at the moment for these two! The camp was for two days at Loughborough University training with 11 other boys and 12 girls for the England squad training camp.

They started off the camp with a discussion – talking about what they would like to achieve over the two training days, these included things like:

How to overcome failure
How to work well as a team
How weaknesses affect lifts
How to incorporate weaknesses in to training

They then had a snatch technique and priming session followed by food – YAY! Followed by another session consisting of clean technique and priming. They finished off Day 1 with team dinner and back to the hotel for some much needed snoring!

The first session of the second day was based on jerks. With some reflection after the session on what was discussed at the start of the first day:

Had they achieved their goals?
How can we achieve their goals?

To finish off the training camp, they had a very intense and challenging session: 5 sets of snatch and 5 sets of clean and jerks, both at 80% – the aim was to make each set progressively harder. This could mean doing 2 reps or an overhead squat or an overhead squat and a snatch balance, anything to challenge yourself (but not adding weight). James ended on snatch doing 4 power snatch, 1 snatch and 1 overhead squat at 56k (80%). Then he ended on the clean and jerk doing 10 power cleans, 3 front squats and a jerk at 74kg (80%). Nellie also found this a particularly challenging part of the camp, but enjoyed working under pressure alongside other athletes that had been on the GB squad and also the fantastic coaching staff!

The kids thoroughly enjoyed training with like minded people for the two days, being able to share their passion for weightlifting with others and also learning from each other, with support, encouragement and feedback. Both Nellie and Jimbo are looking forward to the next training camp already, which I will ensure to keep you updated on!

These two lifters show such incredible dedication to their training, with many many hours going in behind the scenes, on top of all their school work. They always hold themselves well, with such good attitudes, resulting in them going away for exciting camps like this, giving them fantastic experience and life skills.

All your coaches and Titan family are so proud of everything these kids do. We very much look forward to seeing what the future holds!

Coach Emma

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