Box Rules of Conduct

    1. Speak your mind (F#CK, SH%T, DAMN … or that F#CKING SUCKS is totally acceptable!)
    2. Don’t cheat. Keep an accurate count. If you must “scale” a WOD and reduce your reps or load, fine. Just be honest and inform your coach.
    3. Let the Coaches, coach.
    4. This is a BITCH FREE zone! Leave your drama and ego at the door. It’s likely to get a smack down if you don’t.
    5. Introduce yourself to new members, experienced or intros. They may need to revive your unconscious body later and, “Hey dude, wake up!” is so impersonal.
    6. No “dress code”. (Dresses are completely optional)
    7. Arrive early for your class, stay late and cheer on others.
    8. If someone passes out and/or vomits …. they are simply “resting”.
    9. Lying flat on your face, unable to move in the middle of a workout can be considered “scaling”.
    10. At Titan Fitness, you will need to squat. END OF STORY. Get over it!
    11. Technique is King.
    12. You can scream, yell, swear, shout, cry, whimper, grunt, bleed, puke and pass out. Just DON’T quit!
    13. Bring your friends and family, because let’s face it, when you look like sh%t, you don’t want to be around strangers.