What do we do?

Titan Fitness is for Fitness Fanatics who are always prepared to push beyond their perceived limits in training and competition, prepared to work out of their comfort zones, with a ‘have a go’ attitude.

We believe in training you for the unknown and the unknowable. We offer a varied programme that increases work capacity across broad times and over different modal domains. In turn our programme is a little different from your traditional commercial gym.

We are inclusive of general keep fitters, those wanting to lose weight, sportsmen, elite athletes and those training for the special forces / emergency services.

We appreciate that fitness will differ by degree and not kind. In turn we scale the programme to suit you. Meaning whoever you are, whatever your level, we all train with the same intensity, ethos, and goals.
Some maybe lifting heavier weights, completing more reps or running further, but all will be working with the same intensity. Titan Fitness is 100% improvement based and Results driven encompassing a special community like no other gym!

YOU DO NOT have to be an elite athlete to join us…However you do need the drive, enthusiasm and ambition to be better. If this sounds to good to be true then why not come and visit us with no obligation to join.

Titan Fitness promote a lifestyle characterised by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition.