Angie McKenna | CrossFit Level 1 (Online) | Titan Fitness Kids Trainer

Angie joined Titan Fitness in 2014. Prior to finding Titan Fitness in Newhaven, Angie’s history of fitness started when she was in primary school, competing in swimming gala’s, athletics and also qualifying as a beach lifeguard in her teens. Angie’s fitness included training in normal gyms, running two half marathons, London Marathon, several 10km’s and 5k’s, a tri-athlon and cycling (she’s rubbish on two wheels!).

Now in her almost mid-40’s and working part-time as a Carer for the elderly and vulnerable and with children of her own, she admits that the training regime at Titan Fitness has enabled her to deal with the mental and physical challenges that come with raising children and caring for adults. Her passion to coach kids fitness was inspired by Founder of Titan Kids Fitness, Emma Dean, who coached both Angie’s children and seeing first hand the positive mental and physical improvements in her children.

In 2020, the world changed, children’s education and fitness and more importantly, the mental and physical wellbeing were impacted by a Global Pandemic that restricted their freedom. Angie’s goal is to “get kids moving” again. Angie agrees with Coach Emma’s passion for longevity in sport as she believes that the Titan Fitness program, with its scalability, makes sense as it allows anyone of any age and any ability to work out.

As well as working as a kids fitness trainer, Angie is involved in the running of the British Teens Championships, specifically for teenagers all over Europe and manages the gym’s websites.