SiD 2018

CrossFit Corinthian at Strength in Depth 2018

What is SiD?

The team of Titans made their way down to Bath for one of the biggest competitions we have ever competed in as a box. Very unknowing and trusting Coach Emma that it was a great competition, we edged our way into the comp with a 51st position, out of a possible 60 spots on the online leader board.

SiD is a massive competition, open to the whole of Europe and including a draft team made up of Games Level athletes: Patrick Vellner, Laura Horvath, Jamie Green Elliot Simmons amongst others! The focus for the Titans, led by Coaches Joe Govett and Emma Dean was to have fun, gain experience and aim for a 40-something position.

After an easy drive West to Bath on the Friday, the team had a locals guided tour of Bath, filled up on tea and cake and Steak! And then we all relaxed to the max in our team house’s Spa facilities.

The Team

The girls: Val Boyer, Georgia Conolly, Emma Hatt, Sam Lloyd & Emma Dean
The boys: Lee Furminger, Adam Heal, James Reid, Lewis Godden, Calvin Liu, Mark Gage & Oli Polling
The subs: Neil Furminger, Vicky Barker & Mandy Dean

Day One

So the heats were organised so that lowest qualifiers went first. We were in heat 1 of 5 all day, and this was great for the Titans as we kept finishing very well in our heat.

WOD 1 – The running one, we finished up 49th position. Gaining a couple of spots on the leader board felt good. We worked very well as a team on this one, good tactics and staying together, because that’s what Titans do! Running is not a strong point of our gym, so the coaches were very happy with this result.

    How it worked:

a) 1600m Loop – all athletes
Georgia, Val, Lee & Sam drop out
b) 2nd 1600m loop
James, Adam, Mark & Emma H drop out
c) Final 800m – Oli, Calvin & Lewis cruise an 800m while Emma D dies!

WOD 2 – The pairs one (thrusters, lunges and pull ups/c2b/BMU), we finished up 41st in this one! What a result for the Titans, showing off not only our ability to plan excellently, but to pull off our plans to an absolute tee, adapting along the way and absolutely smashing our heat!! Shout out to Adam Heal for nailing those 70kg thrusters here.

    How it worked:

Pair Thruster Weight Synchro Gymnastics
Emma H & Mark 35/50kg 21 Pull Ups
Emma D & Sam 35/50kg 21 Pull Ups
Lewis & Oli 45/70kg 15 C2B
Adam & James 45/70kg 15 C2B
Val & Lee 55/90kg 9 BMU
Georgia & Calvin 55/90kg 9 BMU

WOD 3 – The swim one. We came equal 5th!!!! OUT OF 60 TEAMS, and the equal 5th place was to Team WIT, the draft team of Games athletes. Just WOW. We have a pretty strong squad of swimmers, and were expecting a high placing. We also had a lot of fun along the way, some very fast and efficient in/outs by the team. It’s a lot harder to climb out of a high edge pool than you think!

1200m swim divided into pairs: for every 50m swum, the partner must complete 3 in/outs.

600m Oli & Georgia
400m Emma D & Mark
200m Lewis & Calvin

WOD 4 – The one with many many Clean & Jerks. Boys team: 20th, girls 26th! WOW again! As coaches, this was our most proud moment, watching how the teams worked with so much efficiency on the weight changes, great communication and some spectacular weightlifting! Massive shout to Lee hitting 140kg for one rep, putting us ahead of other teams that couldn’t hit that weight! He did actually get two, but dropping the weight behind his head meant a NO REP. But hey ho, that’s why we are there – we learn. Girls were smooth on all lifts, Val made two incredible lifts at 85kg look easy.

    How it worked:

8 mins to complete the following in any order, boys must change girls plates, girls must change boys plates:

Reps Boys Girls
50 40kg 30kg
30 60kg 40kg
15 90kg 55kg
5 120kg 75kg
2 140kg 85kg

Time: 1 @ 140kg 07:51

Summary of Day 1: We finished in 31st position!!!!! Phenomenal day.

Day 2

After finishing in 31st position after day one, we bumped up into heat 3 of 5. This meant less warm up space and up against a lot tougher teams in our heat.

WOD 6 – The heavy lifting one AKA: “Absolute Mayhem”. We came 48th, which is ok, as still better than our start position, but considering we came into day 2 in 31st place, we definitely could have done better. So this was an accumulation of all heaviest lifts, with sub-teams being responsible for changing their own weights. This kind of communication and performance under pressure is definitely an area to improve, but was still a very good and important experience for all the Titans to go through.

Sub Team 1: Val & Emma 3 mins to find 1RM Hang Snatch
Sub Team 2: Emma H, Sam L & Georgia. 3 mins to find 1RM Hang Clean
Sub Team 3: Lewis, Lee & James. 4 mins to find 1RM Hang Snatch
Sub Team 4: Oli, Mark, Adam & Calvin. 4 mins to find 1RM Hang Clean

Hang Snatch Val 65kg
Hang Snatch Emma D 60kg
Hang Clean Emma H 70kg
Hang Clean Sam 70kg
Hang Clean Georgia 80kg
Hang Snatch Lewis 95kg
Hang Snatch James 105kg
Hang Snatch Lee 105kg
Hang Clean Mark 75kg
Hang Clean Adam 100kg
Hang Clean Calvin 105kg
Hang Clean Oli 105kg

WOD 7 – The sandbag one, this was the one we looked at and thought TITAN WOD! But apparently not, with a 50th place finish, it was our worst workout of the weekend. Unfortunately we got left behind from the start, and with not much room to manoeuvre, we had no chance of catching back up. However, it could have been a lot worse, at least we finished and got a score on the board. We also showcased some excellent teamwork and maintained composure under pressure.

    How it worked:

In sub-teams of 4 (any mix). First 4 go: in pairs complete 10 synchro sandbags + worm while other pair complete 10 synchro down ups, then switch, then one pair carries worm, other pair carries the partner around 200m of athletics track to the other side, then repeat, finishing back in pen to allow the next team of 4 to go. The pairs (and teams) were:

1) Val & Calvin, Lewis & Oli
2) Emma D & James, Emma H & Adam
3) Lee & Sam L, Georgia & Mark

WOD 8 – The last one!! With toes to bar, hanging, rowing and deadlifts this was always going to be tough. We did however place a respectable 46th, with gymnastics volume being our weakness as a gym the coaches were happy with this outcome. After a team briefing with team leader Coach Emma, all sub-teams were instructed to work together and plan effectively. Which they all did, and it showed on the floor, with only a few hiccups, and at the end of a long weekend the team nearly got the last group of 3 athletes through, just not quite. With synchro-toes-to-bar and a third person hanging, in sub teams of 3 there was no-where to hide! We did enjoy staying to watch the final few heats, in which it was incredible to see the ease of the movements that was happening!

    How it worked:

4 Sub-teams of 3 (any mix) to complete: 70 Toes 2 Bar (while one person hangs) then 35 Cals on 2 rowers (while one person holds DL @60/100kg). Teams were as follows:

1) Calvin, Lew, Oli
2) Val, Lee, Adam
3) Emma D, Georgia, James
4) Emma H, Sam, Mark

Sub team 4 got to 50 TTB. Great work from all! No forearms left after that one!

Team Effort

We wouldn’t have been able to get through this weekend if it wasn’t for our sub-team helping us out, carrying our stuff, cheering us on, organising the teams, cooking our food, cleaning the house and getting us to the right place at the right time. Mandy, Neil and Vicky, you were true superstars that whole weekend! And always ready to go if anything happened.

Thank-you drivers and supporters, we were so pleased to have you there.

Thank you Joe Govett, who worked tirelessly alongside team captain Emma, to get the team not only through the online qualifiers, but team selection and organisation for the weekend. As we found out last year, this is an impossible job to do for one person!

Finally, thank you to each and every member on that team, you gave up a day’s work, your weekend, and your money and trusted us that this would be a good competition. By far, this has been the highlight of my CrossFit experience so far, and I hope it was yours too!

Proud Coaches, Box Owner and Mum

Mandy ~ Owner, Coach, Mum, Friend

So, over the weekend, we hit our three main aims: we had a lot of fun, we learnt A LOT, and we also did better than expected, finishing in 41st position.

To finalise, we as a box and as coaches are so excited to see the enthusiasm and fight for spots at SiD 2019. increase next year. What better motivation to train?

We are community, and this is our competition!


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