Strength in Depth CrossFit Sanctional Event – Feb 2019

When Strength in Depth announced they were hosting a sanctional event in London, a few of our members jumped at the chance to be involved in the new “Regionals”. This time, it was teams of 4, two males and two females with the chance for the winners to go to The CrossFit Games 2019!

We amazingly had two teams qualify, though the very challenging online qualifiers in the top 70 teams, in the “RXd” category, not the “Elite” top 40 (this time)!!

Team 1 was: Karii, Bex, Lee and Gary (The Synchro Nymphos)

Team Synchro Nymphos

Team 2 was: Emma H, Emma D, James and Monkey (Titans)

Team Titans

The event was an incredible set up, in the huge Excel arena, there was an RXd competition floor running along the Elite floor, where the likes of Sara Sigmundsdottir, Willy Georges, Sam Briggs, Cody Mooney and Jamie Green, amongst many others were throwing down!

CrossFit Corinthian Pre-Teens Isla-Smiler and Belle with CrossFit’s Sweetheart, Sara

The workouts were particularly challenging, requiring a good mix of high gymnastics volume, plenty of teamwork and some strength and determination, especially on that 4mile wreckbag run.

DAY 1 consisted of the following workouts…

WOD 1:

10 rounds for time (alternating in pairs M/F): 8 synchro chest-to-bar pull-ups 4m unbroken handstand walk (one athlete) 12 alternating synchro pistol squats.

WOD 2:

For time: 30 Worm thrusters, 30 Worm burpees, 20 Worm thrusters, 20 Worm burpees

WOD 3:

2x 5 min AMRAP (One M/F pair does each AMRAP): 21/15 Cal row, 150 double unders (shared), AMRAP synchro dumbbell snatch 30kg/22.5kg

Day 2 consisted of some very sore lower backs and the following workouts…

WOD 4:

  1. 6 mins (3 minutes males, 3 minutes Females) to establish a team aggregate one rep max snatch

-1min Rest Interval-

  1. (WOD 5) For time: 30 clean and jerks (85kg) 30 clean and jerks (55kg)

WOD 6:

For time: 6 rounds for time: 15 Worm shoulder to overhead 12 Synchro toes-to-bar 8m Worm Lunge

WOD 7:

Run 1600m as a four, Run 1600m in a three, Run 1600m in a pair, Run 1600m one individual. WOD description: All athletes will begin in the start pen. On the call of ‘Go!’, all four athletes will run 1600m carrying a 50lb Wreck bag between them anyhow. Once all four athletes have completed the first 1600m, one athlete will be dropped, leaving the three remaining athletes to complete another 1600m run with the Wreck bag. After all three remaining athletes have completed the second 1600m, the team will drop another athlete, leaving two athletes to complete a third 1600m run. Finally, once the remaining two athletes have completed the third 1600m run, one athlete will complete a final 1600m run, carrying the Wreck bag. When the one remaining athlete has completed the fourth and final 1600m, time will be called and recorded. If the don’t finish a mile, the score will go back to tie-break time of completion time from previous mile.

Full SiD Workout Descriptions can be found here…

The two teams showed incredible grit and determination through all the workouts. Especially with Team 1 having not even trained as a whole team before the event!!! Luckily for team 2, they get to train together a lot and know each others strengths and weaknesses inside out. Team 2 were extremely pleased to actually finish WODs 1 and 6 in particular because both WODs highlighted their major weakness as a team – the high volume gymnastics! Team 2 were particularly strong at WOD 6,and were very very good at staying calm under pressure and communicating excellently with the worm!

The final scores for individual events can be found here under ‘Team RXd’

Massive well done to both teams for doing our gym so proud, all your Corinthian coaches were impressed that you stepped up to get involved in this competition. What a great eye opener and experience to have under our belts as athletes, as coaches, and as a gym!
Titan Ladies – Supporting Titans and Synchro Nymphos

Last word goes out to all you fantastic Titans that gave up your weekends to come along to cheer and support us every handstand walk step of the way! You make these events so special in all your Titan gear … Thank You!

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