The CrossFit Corinthian Open Guide 2019


Part A: What is The Open?
Part B: The CF Corinthian Guide to getting through The Open

Woooohoooooo…. It’s that time of year again guys. The CrossFit Games Open is upon us and as always, we want to get as many Titans involved as possible! This year there have been some changes, so please read the rulebook. And most of the judges will be away on the first Friday night, so keep your eyes peeled for info on what will happen there.

What is The Open and “Friday Night Lights?”

If you’ve never heard of The Open, there’s some more information on the link here: The CrossFit Open

WHAT? FIVE Workouts – one every Friday, for five weeks. We encourage everyone to do their workout on the Friday night, in special circumstances you may complete on the Sunday morning. But no other allowances will be made except if you are in with a chance of heading to the Games!

WHEN? Every Friday between 21st Feb – 21st March.

WHY? To test your fitness, come together with the community and have a ton of fun! Test YOUR fitness against hundreds of 1000’s of people around the world. And if you hate competing against others, it’s also an opportunity to test yourself and see what you’re made of. Most importantly it’s going to be lots of fun, bringing the community together every Friday.

WHO? Whether you’ve been CrossFitting 3 years or 3 months we encourage you ALL to get stuck in. You also don’t HAVE to enter the open, you can just take part. For this, turn up on a Friday night, ask to be counted and give it a go – you don’t have to be fully JUDGED!

So what are you waiting for? To get signed up today, register here:
SIGN Up to The Open HERE

How to reduce fatigue, avoid injury and perform optimally

As we are fast approaching The Open, your coaches have put together some pointers for you to keep in mind over the next few weeks.

Last year, many of you would come down to Friday Night Lights, and we were so proud of you, leaving everything out there on the floor, giving 100%, screaming at each other to “PICK UP THE BAR”… but then wouldn’t see you again till the following Weds, when you remembered there’s another WOD coming Friday. This cannot happen, you recover better through moving, The Open for most of us is training, don’t be a hero, stick to your routines!

e want you to enjoy The Open, and at all costs do what you can to avoid injuries and reduce fatigue in these last few days building up to The Open and also during. Below are 4 simple daily habits that will help. Remember it only takes 6-7 consistent days for a new habit to form!!

Try to aim for your 8 hours plus where possible (teens should be getting 10-12, kids even more)!! To help aid your quality of sleep you could try taking a ZMA supplement 30mins before you hit the hay. The magnesium helps aid muscle relaxation and therefore, your recovery. The tablets will help deepen the nights sleep resulting in your receiving more benefits from the hours of sleep you can steal!!! We have ordered some ZMA tablets, which are available at reception for your convenience – so give them a try.

The App “Sleep Cycle” is a great way to track your sleep, and it wakes you up when in lighter sleep not a deep sleep so you feel a lot better upon waking! Tried and tested and now religiously used by coach Emma.

If you are feeling fatigued from a particularly hard WOD or increased volume of training, then make sure you stretch and move. There are scientific studies out there proving that an effective way to increase your recovery is to move!! If you have a heart rate monitor then your HR target will be 130-160 depending on age and fitness you will benefit immensely from a 60 minute slow steady workout so come in anyway make the most of our rowing machines, ski erg, and air bike, then just move stretch and go eat and sleep! If however this announcement has come to you a little late then get in touch with our in-house massage specialists – Joe Govett & Emma Hatt ASAP get yourself back to peak performance.

For a massage with Joe, contact Charlie Govett or Emma Hatt. Please email us for their phone numbers.

Sign up to … short 12-20 min daily stretch routine videos to follow along with. If you click on the banner at the bottom of SIGN Up to ROMWOD and sign up, then £1 goes into the CrossFit Kids pot 😊

Kate teaches Hatha Yoga every Monday, suitable for all abilities (WE PROMISE) and is a great relax session for the body and mind.

Every Saturday morning, we also have a 45min stretch in the middle room starting 8:15am EVERY SATURDAY!! This would be perfect after Fridays Open WODs each week. Along with 18:15 and 19:15 start time on a Thursday night.

A ROMWOD type app, just sign up through their website for 20min daily videos on movement flow, activation and mobility sessions.

Make sure your hitting your recommended macros. Now is not the time to be cutting or missing meals, your over all performance will inevitably suffer. Don’t know what you should be eating each day… try out this macro calculator… Macro Calculator

In the evenings we provide post workout shakes and of course as normal bars and cakes subject to stock and availability. So don’t leave the gym empty either bring your nutrition with you or get it in from reception. It will make all the difference. If you want us to stock anything in particular e.g. vegan protein or peanut butter cherry flavour protein powder then speak to a coach!

If you want help with your macros then you can speak to any of your coaches!

The App: “myfitnesspal” is fantastic for tracking the macros. The first week you use it, does become a bit time consuming, but once you have all your regular foods added then it’s a breeze!

During the week, don’t avoid the workouts you dislike!! The workout has been chosen because it contains an element that as a gym we are not as efficient at. So get in and practice it!! Your coaches will happily help if it’s something you need technical help with. So don’t hide from it as you will only get exposed on the days it matters!! I’ve said this time and time again but it is worth repeating.

The App: Use EliteHRV to tell you how hard to train that day, you will need a heart rate chest strap (£45 on Amazon) but it is well worth it! By resting when needed you should stay away from these nasty flu bugs and viruses going around.

Advanced Athletes: breathing strategies for better performance and recovery:
8 Weeks Out

• Weightlifting 20:00-21:00 every Weds, alternating between Snatch and C&J tekkers
• ROMWOD: Thursday evenings during The Open (just ask Emma) &; Saturdays 08:15 for 45 minute stretch class!

If there is a technical hole in your CrossFit game, enquire about PT with one of our coaches. Please do so through the website.

We are a fantastically strong box in so many ways I love the way we all pull together and help one another. We want the best for you and we want to shine as a small-town box this year at the open and at future events this year.

The Kids and Teens throw-down on a Saturday morning, anyone willing to hang around and help count would be greatly appreciated!

The Open is a great opportunity to get to know other box members, so get to know someone new. Keep up the great work, look after yourself and remember to enjoy the process!

Coach Emma 😊
Feedback is always appreciated – let us know what you think …

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