Titan Kids/Teens

“Fitness, a way of life”

Time – Intensity – Team – Agility – Nutrition

Titan Kids Fitness is a fitness program designed for a special population and the specific developmental needs of children. Here at Titan Kids Fitness we put the kids and teens FIRST!! We create fun, engaging strength and conditioning workouts which combine gymnastics, body weight movements and weightlifting elements. We aim to ensure every child experiences a wide range of FUN in every session.

First trial class is FREE, thereafter we offer drop-in sessions or monthly memberships. Please contact Angie via email: to find out more about our memberships.

Kids Class Timetable (ages 5-10)                                             Teens Class Timetable (ages 11-17)

What is Titan Kids Fitness?

Titan Kids Fitness, with its scalability, allows anyone of any age and any ability to work out. Developing core strength and good mobility, for life. Fitness is not a destination, it’s a way of life.

What do Titan Kids Fitness offer?

Fun, Games, Strength, Mobility, Agility, Fitness, Nutrition.

In line with Titan Kids Fitness ideology, we feel it is the upmost importance that children have the opportunity to maximise skills and learn proper movement mechanics during their peak development years. Correct movement patterns ALWAYS comes first! This allows your child to build a broad athletic foundation, supporting them in any sport that they choose to go on to excel in. Coaches are always available to answer any questions you have, feel free to come down and watch a session or chat to Coach Angie anytime! 


There are 7 basic movements the human body can perform – all other exercises are merely variations of these seven:

Pull – Push – Squat – Lunge – Hinge – Rotation and Gait.

We use the 9 foundational movements to teach the majority of exercises found in workouts. These movements are the air squatfront squatoverhead squatoverhead presspush presspush jerkdeadliftsumo deadlift high pull, and medicine ball clean.

Children aged 6 to 8 are sharpening basic physical skills such as throwing, jumping, catching and kicking. Children aged 9 to 12 are refining, improving, and coordinating basic physical skills.

Children who are unfit have a greater chance of being unfit adults. These kids are at higher risk for chronic disease and other health problems later in life. Kids aged 5-12 need physical activity to build strength, coordination, and confidence. Being active lays the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle by gaining more control over how active they are.

Through physical activity, kids and teens build confidence and social skills, improves concentration and learning, improves sleep and they learn about sportsmanship, discipline, goal setting, achieving challenges and learning teamwork.