Sunday, June 27th 2021

A. General
3 rounds
30sec Bike/Row/Run
10 glute bridge floor presses

B. Mobility
Push-up plank to shoulder extension on parallette or boxes
10 repetitions

C. Specific
3 rounds to progress loading in the following:
-Yoke carry
-Farmers Carry
-Sled push

The warm-up is a great time to assess and correct the below POP’s with your athletes in detail.

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)
EMOM 32minutes
50′ Yoke carry @mod
50′ Farmer Carry @mod
50′ Sled push @mod
50′ Burpee broad jump

Score: 3 separate scores for the separate total loads used on each movement across all sets.

Scaling options

50′ Yoke carry @mod
-30sec or 50ft heavy object hold (hug, zercher, front rack, back rack)

50′ Farmer Carry @mod
-30sec moderate object grip in place lunges or 50ft object farmers carry

50′ Sled push @mod
-30sec KB goblet squats or jumping air squats
-50ft object push

Alternative option:

EMOM 32minutes
30sec Barbell rack rack hold @mod
30sec Farmer Carry Lunges @moderate
30sec Assault bike OR KB goblet squats @24-16KG*
30sec Burpee broad jump (in place)

Extra Accessory
Cool down 3-4 minutes on bike or rower

Lower Body Flow